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Sick of it All Death to Tyrants Review

Artist: Sick of it All
Album: Death to Tyrants
Genre(s): Rock
Subgenres(s): Hardcore Punk
Released: 2006
Length: 37 minutes
Language(s): English
Label(s): Abacus Records

Track List:

01. Take the Night Off
02. Machete
03. Preamble
04. Uprising Nation
05. Always War
06. Die Alone
07. Evil Schemer
08. Leader
09. Make a Mark
10. Forked Tongue
11. The Reason
12. Faithless
13. Fred Army
14. Thin Skin
15. Maria White Trash
16. Don’t Join the Crowd (European Bonus Track)

Sick of it All Death to Tyrants Cover

Sick of it All Death to Tyrants Cover

Sick of it All Death to Tyrants Review

Death to Tyrants is a testosterone fuelled rage fit by Sick of it All. After the first few songs you’ll come to realise that Sick of it All are content with playing short, snappy bursts of hardcore punk and aren’t trying to do anything else. While the passion is clearly there, the lack of desire to diversify their sound leaves each song on Death to Tyrants sounding all too similar to the ones before it.

However the biggest grievance on Death to Tyrants has to be vocalist Lou Koller, who insists on spluttering over what could have been some well-crafted songs without his constipated gorilla cries. Instead, Death to Tyrants turns into nothing more than an endurance test to get to the end of it.

Death to Tyrants is best left to the hardcore punk enthusiasts as it will leave the rest of us feeling sick of it all before the album is halfway done.


Lou Koller: Vocals
Pete Koller: Guitar
Craig Setari: Bass Guitar
Armand Majidi: Drums

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