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Free the Robots Free the Robots Review

Free the Robots Free the Robots Review

Artist: Free the Robots
Album: Free the Robots
Genre(s): Electronic
Subgenres(s): Trip Hop
Released: 2007
Length: 23 minutes
Language(s): English
Label(s): Elsewhere Studios

Track List:

01. Listen to the Future
02. Diary
03. Jazzhole
04. Yoga Fire
05. Lonely Traveller
06. Session Two

Free the Robots Cover

Free the Robots is the first EP by Chris Alfaro to be released under his pseudonym Free the Robots. The self-titled EP shows elements of ambient, jazz and hip hop being brought together to create a short yet highly imaginative collection of songs under the trip hop banner.

While largely an instrumental effort, there are some sparse vocal arrangements delivered in a variety of ways over the course of the 6 songs. A delicate balance with the music is struck that allows for the vocals to be listened to actively or as a background part to the music. Yoga Fire is the only song to features female singing and is an upbeat, psychedelic song. It is just shy of the 3 minute marker and is the shortest song on Free the Robots.

Some sampled instruments including a saxophone and a piano can be heard on the 2 jazz inspired songs, Jazzhole and Session Two. Listen to the Future, Diary and Lonely Traveller take on a different sound altogether and instead show off the ambient themes of the EP while featuring a strong percussive backing.

There are a lot of ideas that have been put into practice for the first Free the Robots release, but nothing on it sounds overbearing or forced given its short duration. Instead it is a celebration of diverse genres being reassembled to create something original and exciting.

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